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7 in 1 natural ingredient



Contains a large amount of growth factors
Promotes skin repair and production of collagen,
elastic fibers and reticular fibers

Olive Oil

Has anti-oxidant effects.
Effectively helps our skin in reducing and preventing wrinkles as well as pigmentation caused by aging


Avocado Oil

A strong anti-oxidant
Protects our skin from free radicals, preventing the formation of wrinkles


Shark’s Liver Oil

Promotes skin cells’ repair and metabolism to help delay the aging process


Aloe Vera Powder

Promotes skin whitening,
moisturising effects,
anti-wrinkles and reduces pigmentation


Marine Collagen

Works closely with the growth factors from sheep placenta to effectively increase the production of collagen, to increase skin elasticity & reduce wrinkles


Evening Primrose Oil

Promotes anti-oxidants and moisturising effects which help to reduce the formation of wrinkles as well as enhance the elasticity and softness of our skin

Product – Nueliv Sheep Placenta

When it comes to wrinkle removal and skin lifting, Nueliv is your best choice! Our 7 in 1 unique formula makes wrinkles take a back seat to smooth skin.

Why Nueliv Sheep Placenta?

• Nueliv promotes anti-aging properties and provides the best natural anti-wrinkle and face lifting solution from within.

• This ultimate anti-wrinkle and face-lifting formula focuses on skin that is lacking in collagen, elastic fibers and reticular fibers.

• It reduces fine lines and lifts sagging skin by stimulating collagen & skin fibers production for firmer looking skin

How Nueliv removes wrinkles from within

Nueliv sheep placenta contains seven natural nutrients which can effectively, safely and quickly repair wrinkles and sagging skin to achieve the effect of firmer, smoother skin with a reduced appearance of wrinkles.