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Salon Testimonials

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    Beautician (Singapore)

    I’m Josephine, a beauty salon owner in Singapore with 21 years of experience. My customers are very satisfied with my recommendation of Nueliv sheep placenta. It helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and also improves sagging skin.
    I am very confident in Nueliv Sheep Placenta and recommend it for the following reasons:
    1. A natural anti-wrinkle formula
    2. A safe product
    3. Provides significant results

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    Beautician (Johor Bahru)

    "I’m May from JB, a beauty salon owner with 15 years of experience.
    Before I recommended Nueliv to my clients, I bought one course of four bottles to try it out myself. I noticed a big improvement in my overall skin texture and less fine lines. I confidently recommend this product to my customers for the following three reasons:
    1. An effective repair and anti-wrinkle formula
    2. Product safety
    3. Gives fast results"

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    Beautician (Kuala Lumpur)

    Hi, this is Lindsy. I’m the owner of a beauty salon in KL with more than 22 years of experience in this business.
    After learning about Nueliv’s unique anti-wrinkle formula, I was very confident about recommending this product to my customers. As a beautician, I recognise that both internal and external care are equally important. With this approach, my customers are able to experience the improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and anti-aging effects more quickly.
    Usually after a month, my customers will come back and tell me that their fine lines have disappeared, wrinkles have been reduced and that their skin has improved a lot! This makes me more confident in this product!

  • Customer Testimonials

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    Customer (Kuala Lumpur)

    In the beginning I saw many different brands of sheep placenta supplements in the market. I really didn’t know how to choose until I met a Malaysian dietitian from Nueliv who introduced me to the product by explaining the basics of nutrition.
    Although the product is expensive, I decided to trust her professional opinion and advice in selecting a quality sheep placenta product. After taking Nueliv Sheep Placenta for almost three months, I have noticed the following improvements to my skin:
    1. My facial skin is firmer
    2. My quality of sleep has improved
    3. My fine lines have disappeared
    The dietitian also gave me some recommendations for other health products that I’m currently taking ☺️. The Nueliv dietitian is very professional and well informed.👍🏻👍🏻

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    Customer (Selangor)

    Before I came across NUELIV Sheep Placenta, I was particularly worried about the “safety and effectiveness” of taking sheep placenta. After gaining some knowledge, I am now confident about choosing a high-quality and safe sheep placenta product. After taking NUELIV for about 2 months, I can feel that:
    1. My sleep quality has improved
    2. My skin is more hydrated
    3. My face has also firmed up
    The most important thing is that I’m looking and feeling younger and more beautiful! 🤩🤩

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    Customer (Kuala Lumpur)

    Three months ago my friend recommended NUELIV Sheep Placenta to me. She told me about the benefits of taking NUELIV Sheep Placenta and I could see the improvements in her skin. So, I purchased a set of Nueliv Sheep Placenta to try. I noticed these changes in just three months:
    1. My sleep quality has improved
    2. Fine lines have disappeared
    3. My face has obviously firmed up
    Thank you to my friend for introducing such a great product!