• Welcome to our Nueliv Sheep Placenta Plus!

Nueliv was imported from New Zealand in 2013.

In these 8 years we have received great feedback from customers in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Why choose Nueliv?

We believe that beauty is important and that we women will try anything from natural to chemically invasive methods to maintain our beauty and avoid damage to our skin. Most of these methods usually focus on external applications and often involve invasive intervention. These don’t often produce the desired results but can even end up damaging the skin even more. To solve this, Nueliv has an amazing team of beauty experts, nutritionists and dietitians who have helped develop our product to regain natural beauty in the most natural way, without any side effects.

How Nueliv help our consumers?

Base on the research done by skin experts, every woman prefers natural beauty to maintain their unique beauty character. Nueliv provides the best natural anti-wrinkle and face-lifting solution from within. This means it will enhance our own body function to boost collagen and skin fibers production for skin firming.