Frequently Asked Questions

How is sheep placenta is obtained?
Sheep placenta is extracted from sheep after female deliver its young. Therefore, sheep is not harmed in the process. Freeze dying technology is subsequently used to preserve the active ingredients in good condition.
What makes NUELIV sheep placenta superior choice over other brands?
NUELIV Sheep Placenta compromise 7 in 1 formulation. Sheep placenta is extracted from sheep that specially bred under the expertise of medical professional and scientist. It offers 600mg per capsule contains 50:1 ratio extracted from 30000mg of sheep placenta which is the highest doses available in the market. The high quality polished enteric-coated of the capsules with stands damage from stomach acid and only dissolve at small intestine where nutrients absorption is maximised. Furthermore, the ingredients that consist of natural foods are easily tolerate by our body and no side effects to your health.
Does Nueliv Sheep Placenta have any quality assurance and safety license?
Nueliv sheep placenta plus is produced under strict quality management. It is produced under numerous international safety standard and successfully acquired the New Zealand Code of Manufacturing Practice License (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points License (HACCP) etc. Furthermore, it also complies with the New Zealand’s highest medical and laboratory safety standards, which proves the safety and effectiveness of the product.
What benefits could placenta have on the human body?
Placenta is a rich source of nutrients, growth factors and bio-active cytokines. It is based on these bio-essentials that new life is developed. Its main healthy benefits are promoting general health, boosting immune functions and promoting healthy aging.
Who should take sheep placenta?
Anybody, regardless of age who wants to improve the quality of their physical life, is experiencing premature aging, feels tired and lethargic. Recommend to start taking NUELIV Sheep Placenta from age if 25 and above, or to be taken with certain health conditions with professional nutritionist advice.
What is the recommended dosage for Nueliv Sheep Placenta Plus?
Recommended dosage for the first week is 1 capsule daily in the morning, 2nd to 4th week, 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule at night and 1 capsules daily in subsequent months. For best result, consume with empty stomach or 30 mins before meal.
Can Nueliv Sheep Placenta Plus be taken with any other health supplements/medicines?
Nueliv Sheep Placenta is a 100% natural biological supplement without drugs of any kind. It can be taken alongside any other supplements without any contra-indications or adverse reaction. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before using with any prescription medication.
Should I avoid certain food or medications while taking Nueliv Sheep Placenta?
You should avoid consuming diuretic agents (alcohol, tea, coffee etc.,) within two hours after taking it. Do not mix with detox supplement on the same day as it will reduce the nutrient absorption in the small intestine.
Should I take Sheep Placenta while I am pregnant, breastfeeding or people with special medical conditions?
As with all dietary supplements, you should seek professional advice if you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, breastfeeding or people with special medical condition before consuming.
How long do I need to consume Nueliv Sheep Placenta?
The recommended consumption period is 6 months. More time is required to slowly nourish and regulate the body functions that have gradually degenerated over the years. Moreover, as everyone’s constitution differs, continual consumption is essential to effectively improve health. 6 months of continuous consumption period is the optimal maintenance cycle, allowing ample times for body regulation. Nevertheless, the recommended consumption period may varies according to individual’s need.
How soon can I see any results after consuming Nueliv Sheep Placenta?
Results may vary in every individual. Generally, in about 1 month to 2 months, during these period of time, you will regain physical health, vitality and general well-being whilst improving your skin’s texture and complexion.
Will I experience any reaction upon consuming Nueliv Sheep Placenta Plus?
You might experience certain healing symptoms depending on your body condition. Common healing symptoms are headache, fatigue, heaty, constipation, skin dryness, etc. These are the indication of body healing process which can last for 7-14 days however it is safe. Kindly contact our nutritionists or sales representatives for further assistance on your healing symptoms.
Should I continue to consume Nueliv Sheep Placenta after six months of consumption?
You may continue to take Nueliv Sheep Placenta if you acknowledge its benefits. Long-term consumption does not produce any side effects. Even if you stop the consumption, the body would not have any dependency issues. Continuous intake of Nueliv Sheep Placenta would allow the body to be revitalised, remain youthful and energetic.
Are they any possible side effects from taking Nueliv Sheep Placenta?
There are not a single report case of any kind regarding the side effects from taking Nueliv Sheep Placenta Plus. Nueliv Sheep Placenta Plus has been proven safe for consumptions by the health authorities of New Zealand, Singapore & Malaysia.
Can I overdose on Sheep Placenta?
Nueliv Sheep Placenta is a concentrated form of a natural food; the higher the concentration of the product the fewer capsules you require to produce the desired effect.However, you should not exceed the recommended daily dose unless otherwise advised by your healthcare professional.