The discovery of the power of sheep placenta is one of the solutions toward ageing, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of sheep placenta provide effective cell regeneration, while also providing energy and vitality due to its rich vitamin and hormonal content. Ageing is a natural process which cannot be stopped but there is a way to slow down and to control it.

The perfect formula

Nueliv Sheep Placenta Plus is fortified with 6 different natural ingredients. The different ingredients supplement each other to further strengthen the effects.

Within 1 Single nueliv enteric coated Soft Gel

Ingredients Content
Sheep Placenta extract 50:1 (» fresh sheep placenta 30000 mg) 600 mg
Olive Oil 100 mg
Avocado Oil 200 mg
Aloe Vera Powder 200:1 (» Aloe Barbadensis miller fresh leaves 1000mg) 5 mg
Shark Liver Oil 100 mg
Marine Collagen 15 mg
Evening Primrose Oil (10% GLA) 150 mg

Sheep Placenta Extract

(50:1 of Fresh Sheep Placenta 30,000mg = 600mg)

Sheep placenta extract, sourced exclusively from specially-bred sheep grazed in the pristine grasslands of New Zealand. Contains abundant active growth factors, antioxidants, immunization molecules, essential lipids, nucleic acids, amino acids and hundreds of various components that are essential in building block of life. Able to speed up healing process, promote cellular growth and thus slow down the aging process.

Olive Oil


Protection against chronic degenerative disease, highly protective against heart disease. Protect DNA from free radical damage, supports gastrointestinal health with better blood sugar control and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Avocado oil


Contains Monounsaturated Oleic Acid (OA), which inhibits the absorption of dietary cholesterol. Comprises vitamins and antioxidants to reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Avocado oil has the ability to protect your cardiovascular system. Improving the elasticity of capillary and efficiently lowering your potentials for plaque formation and vessel blockage.

Aloe Vera Powder

(Aloe Barbadensis miller fresh leaves 1000mg) =5mg

Aloe Vera well known as a healer for various ailments including sunburns, scrapes, cuts, rashes and dry skin. It is naturally rich in Mucopolysaccharides, Vitamin C, Amino Acid, Enzymes and Germanium which have strong stimulating effect for immune system and moisturizing properties.

Shark Liver Oil


Shark liver oil that have beneficial effects are squalene and squaramide. It helps to repair damaged cells and replenish oxygen. It is also a powerful antioxidant, antibacterial properties, supports the immune system and the body’s response to allergies.

Marine collagen


The best source of collagen for human skin. Small in peptide molecules, low in molecular weight to achieve maximum intestinal absorption efficacy.Stimulates collagen production and elastin collagen thickening, encourages skin renewal and minimize muscle contractions. Skin will be protected with its elasticity and improve skin plumpness.

Evening Primrose Oil

10% GLA (150mg)

Beneficial to heart patients as it helps to lower blood cholesterol. Helps in maintaining healthy bones and thereby prevents Osteoporosis. It reduces the symptoms related to menopause and premenstrual symptoms are alleviated.

Technology of NUELIV

Sheep Placenta

The future of medicine is happening now

Revolutionary science is providing cures that were considered science fiction—not with pills, surgery, or radiation, but with stem cell and live cells.

Freeze Drying Technology

With freeze-drying technology, the live cells can be preserved and remained bioactive for longer period. Nueliv Sheep Placenta uses only the fresh healthy sheep placenta and is extracted and preserved with the latest freeze-drying technology to preserve their bioactivities at the maximum level. Each capsule is produced from 30000mg fresh sheep placenta and concentrated into 50:1 ratio.

Nitrogen-Filled Technology

The placenta live cells and other nutrients will be oxidized and deteriorated when in contact with free radicals, oxygen, bacteria and UV rays during the conventional capsulation process. Nitrogen-filled technology is integrated to prevent the decomposition of living cells and other nutrients, as it ensures zero oxygen in the capsulation process.
Therefore, Nueliv Sheep Placenta is a “living capsule” whereby the placenta cells are biologically active and providing the greatest effectiveness to the body.

Enteric-Coated Technology

Enteric-coated capsule has delayed release features. They are designed to protect the capsule core from disintegration in the acidic environment of the stomach by employing pH sensitive polymer, which swell or solubilize in response to an increase in pH to release the substance. The advanced Enteric-Coated capsulation preserves the sheep placenta growth factors and peptides, which remain biologically active without compromising on its effectiveness. The high quality polished enteric-coated Nueliv Sheep Placenta capsules withstands damage from gastric juices. It ensures the capsules do not leak away their nutrients and only dissolve at small intestines where nutrient absorption is maximized. This raises the absorption of placenta live cells by 3-4 times. The healthy cells than travel to the targeted organs and impart their miraculous force onto damaged and worn out cells.

The advantages of enteric coated capsules

The Benefits of Enteric capsulation

  • To mask taste or odour
  • Protection of active ingredient, from the acidic environment of the stomach.
  • Protection from local irritation of the stomach mucosa.
  • Release of the active ingredient in specific target area within gastrointestinal tract.

The Benefits of Enteric capsulation

  • To mask taste or odour
  • Protection of active ingredient, from the acidic environment of the stomach.
  • Protection from local irritation of the stomach mucosa.
  • Release of the active ingredient in specific target area within gastrointestinal tract.

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